5 Best Clear Mascara, Ranked by Cosmetics Experts

Looking for the ultimate "no-make-up" product? Clear mascara is what you've been looking for. Clear mascara is a universally useful make-up product. Here are some of the best.
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| UPDATED on 1/8/2022

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Not everyone wants dark thick lashes all the time. Some of us just want effortlessly lifted lashes that bring a bit of shape to the eye. If this sounds like you, clear mascara is about to be your go-to product. Clear mascara is a great addition to any make-up kit for so many reasons. Clear mascara is great for those effortlessly gorgeous "no-make-up" looks, sunny beach days, and for taming eyebrows. This is our list of 5 of the best clear mascaras, curated and ranked by cosmetics experts.